Lenovo Ideapad Miix 520 review : windows tablet

Lenovo Ideapad Miix 520: A fine windows tablet with subpar array existence

The Lenovo Ideapad Miix aspires to compete with Microsoft’s surface professional, and it assessments practically all the boxes: stunning efficiency; a shimmering, high-resolution monitor; and a cushty typing journey. simplest in battery lifestyles does it abatement well short.

Then again, the Miix is an outstanding choice to the pricier surface lineup.

As home windows tablets coalesce towards the 12.2-inch panel dimension acclimated by the Miix , comparing them is all about tradeoffs.

But that better resolution influences array lifestyles, as you’ll see later in our tests. The different principal features are distinct below.,

Lenovo Miix: simple specs and contour display

Display: 12.2-inch 1920×1200 IPS
Processor: Intel 1.6GHz amount i5-8250U Kaby basin-R
photographs: Intel 620 integrated
reminiscence: 8GB DDR4 2,133MHz
accumulator: 256GB SSD
Ports: 1 USB 3.0 class C, 1 USB three.0 classification A, microSD, headphone jack
wireless: 802.11ac 2×2, Bluetooth 4.1
Cameras: front 5MP, fixed-focal point Rear 8MP, autofocus
array: 39Wh
operating device: windows 10 domestic

in contrast to Microsoft, Lenovo bundles the removable keyboard in addition to a stylus, popular because of the energetic Pen 2.

The Lenovo Miix presents extraordinary value. although it’s all packaged in a reasonably backward exoteric.

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Lenovo Miix: build fine and reveal

The Miix ’s watchband hinge no longer best captures the eye, it helps assist the tablet as it reclines.

when powering on the Miix, you may note one of the crucial design touches that please habitual Lenovo clients: the on-screen battery gauge.

You also have the choice by the use of the Lenovo angle application, discussed after of putting an array figure accouterment on your taskbar

A fan grille runs the length of the Miix tablet. The tablet’s fan activates often, but the low hiss not ever becomes stressful.

while the Miix ’s 12.2-inch, 1920 x 1200 IPS panel taxes array lifestyles and lacks the visual pop of, say, the OLED reveal used by the Samsung Galaxy publication, the adventure is priced it. There’s an apparent development in screen excellent in comparison to 1920×1080.

The blush maxes out at just 298 nits, which is a bit below the competition, however, we consider whatever thing amid 250 and 270 nits to be at ease for regular expand.

Sadly, one aspect where the Miix skimps too a good deal is home windows whats up. The tablet lacks a fingerprint reader, and the 5MP front-facing digital camera is not home windows hello-competent.

The rear-dealing with an 8MP digicam is correct for blended fact viewer, a fun new function in windows 10 the place that you would be able to snap a photo along with your pill and then bead in one of the hundreds of 3D altar to spice it up.

In case you study our fashioned document on the Lenovo Miix, we noticed one trade. Miix 520  had originally informed us that the rear-facing camera, dubbed WorldView, would brace with an arranged MagicWindow app that could help you insert 3D images into standard photos.

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Lenovo Miix: Keyboard, ports, and audio system

Lenovo is known for its keyboards, and the Miix often does not abort. instead of the Alcantara fabric.

The row of fantastically tiny function keys at the properly contains dedicated controls for toggling the touchpad, adjusting the accuracy and sound, and locking the tablet. clients can also toggle the keyboard backlight, a nice touch that isn’t always duplicated on battling machines.

In contrast to the Lenovo X-series pills, the Miix additionally forgoes both trackpad buttons, as well as the iconic crimson TrackPoint pointing stick.

although the trackpad feels reasonably small, the glass surface allows easy scrolling and clicks registered in all however the very higher areas of the trackpad.

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Ports are a key difficulty with any home windows tablet, specifically as manufacturers control the alteration from bequest USB-A connectors to the brand new USB-C general. The Miix wisely splits the change with two USB 3.0 ports: one class A and one classification C.

The Lenovo Miix, utterly reclined, shows the port alignment on the larboard-duke aspect.

Don’t neglect concerning the microSD aperture tucked away on the lower back of the tablet, both. On Lenovo’s site, the manufacturer afield reviews that the Miix comprises a microSIM slot instead.

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Audio system

The Miix ’s audio system convey audio at satisfactory degrees—a bit softer than, say, a related HP tablet, however with good midrange and response within the higher registers. Over headphones, the Miix address deep to convey the low-conclusion bass acknowledgment its personal inside speakers lack, with one of the best exquisite audio I’ve skilled from a pill.

A microSD agenda slot is tucked at the back of the tablet.

The Miix ships with what Lenovo calls the energetic Pen 2, a sturdy stylus with 4,096 levels of pressure, though no tilt assist. Lenovo additionally agreeably includes Wacom’s personal Wacom Pen stylus app to control the energetic Pen 2.

It’s a task you’ll want to devote some affliction too. Lenovo seems to use abstracted batteries for powering the wireless connection to the pill as smartly because the general stylus services, however, the adjustment isn’t automatically apparent.

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Lenovo Miix performance: marred by terrible array lifestyles

Lenovo’s Miix is likely one of the aboriginal crop of drugs to make use of Intel’s 8th-technology core chips, and mainly its most fresh Kaby lake-R elements that affiance up to 40 % extra efficiency in comparison with above-mentioned-generation parts.


The improvement is borne out in most of our assessments below. array existence matters in a tablet too, notwithstanding, and during this attention, the Miix misses the mark.

The tests beneath reveal how the Miix compares agreeably to the Microsoft floor computing device, an abounding-fledged laptop, and different tablets we’ve favorite, such because of the Samsung Galaxy booklet.

Lenovo’s Miix outpaces different capsules using the PCMark work exams, which function common office tasks.

Each the home and artistic facets of the PCMark check apartment are more principal to the Miix ’s supposed consume. although each check shares one of the crucial same points, the home test tends to stress easy gaming and photo abetment, while inventive pushes ahead into video editing.

All of these tasks are crucial to home clients, and the Miix ’s success right here indicates that it’s an outstanding choice.

if you need to transcode video, the Miix is the premier choice, as our Handbrake benchmark indicates.

Lenovo’s Miix ultimate criterion examines the pill’s 3D efficiency the use of 3DMark’s Sky Diver benchmark, which provides an excellent sinful of comparison for different laptops and tablet

So the mix falls returned to earth a bit if only as a result of Microsoft and HP chose to consist of the noticeably high-efficiency Iris photos built-in 3D cores.

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Ultimately, in the Miix ’s smooth base: battery life

We barometer it based on a briefing verify where we set the display accuracy to 250 nits and attach earbuds to the audio anchorage, with the volume set to a midrange stage.

With the array completely charged, we unplug it and loop a 4K video except the device offers out, and record the time.

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